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Having a bartender at your event is a wise move for any host or hostess throwing a party.  Our Bartending Services not only provide you with a professional bartender, but you also have that extra help in getting your bar set up before your event and then cleaned up for you.  We also help you in your selection and planning of what to offer at your bar.  For larger events, multiple bartenders and/or bars are also important to ensure that your guests enjoy the event.

Hiring a bartender removes the stress of setting up the bar, monitoring the consumption of alcohol, making the alcohol last throughout the party, making drinks for all your guests, cleaning up the bar area, and gets rid of the guesswork of how much should I buy of this or that.  

Not to mention, you don’t really want to be working at your party, do you? I didn’t think so. 

It’s so nice to be able to enjoy your guests and have someone wait on you. It’s like being a guest at your own party! How awesome is that? 

At Epic Events by Booth, we have a professional bartending service designed to meet your specific needs.

We selectively handpick our bartenders to make sure they are quick, reliable, friendly, and have a professional appearance and attitude.

We have a variety of bartenders just waiting to serve you to add to the Epic part of your Event. We even have servers available to make your event that much more Epic

Whether you are in need of just a bartender or a bartender and someone to do the shopping for you, we can create a customized package to fit your event’s requirements.

So sit back, relax and have an Epic Event of a lifetime!

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